Desert Leak Detection In Coachella Valley Provides Failed Leak Detection Service And Offers Horrible Customer Service

Desert Leak Detection Provides

Run, run, run, run away from these "professionals."

Maybe you'll get lucky... or maybe you'll have an issue to discuss, like requesting a refund for failed leak detection service, and simply be blown off. Save your luck for gambling.... don't gamble on your house costs!

Is that really the chance you want to take for yet another additional cost for your already expensive house costs?
They quoted $250 to put a stop cap on an exposed, easily accessible copper pipe!

...that was on top of the already $250 service call to detect a leak..... which that would have been fine if they actually detected the leak. I already knew I had a leak, I didn't hire them to get a second opinion that I had a leak, I hired them to telll me where it was, at least to be able to point out the right pipe!

They "found" the leak in the footing inside my house, and they told me, which I have in writing, that I needed a repipe wrap, they call it a bypass, as he told me to the bathroom or second option was to jackhammer the footing they pointed out (which turned out to be wrong) for $2,900!

In the meantime, holding off until a bathroom remodel, I had a ball joint put on the target pipe they said had the leak inbetween what they said was the main line and where the leak was.... guess what? Wrong pipe! It still leaked... They couldn't even determine the proper "main line" at the manifold. What is that possibly worth, plumbers with equipment specifically to detect a leak, the only reason I hired them, and they can't even determine the main line at manifold, let alone actually find the leak general location.... They indicated the wrong location of the leak altogether, not even close.... it was not even inside the house as they indicated... it turned out to be in the garage.... Anyone could have guessed a 50/50 chance... but, they're "professionals" and had their equipment, and I guess experience.... all that, and on a 50/50 chance, they determined the wrong pipe.... ho hum.... I contacted the company requesting only a partial-refund becuase I'm fair.... (as they failed, but they did try) ... and I got nothing but crickets....

So, if I took their original consult, I would have paid for a repipe wrap around that was not at all necessary, or jackhammered the wrong location.... and I'd still have a leak.

Remember the $250 charge for stop cap they wanted to put on the target pipe they indicated..... IT TURNED OUT TO BE MY MAIN LINE. I would have entirely been without water inside my house.... this is no joke.

If You Do Like To Gamble With Your House

If you do like to gamble with your house, this is the company for you! Take your chance on shabby service, not having a returned call after already have hired them, and getting a failed service for their flagship service.

If so, take a chance with a company that pissed someone off so much, you're reading this here....

My critique in picture representation of their work quality and customer service skills.

Shit may literally be their "bread and butter."